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The individual skill sets and experiences

of our coaches team can also be found in our classes at BLN.Athletics. It is our claim to design and program each and every class by ourselves. This way we can ensure that the annual training periodization, as well as the micro and macro cycles not only make sense in terms of sports science, but also offer a wide range of movement and exercise variety and heps of  fun.

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Join us for a free class and experience the reason why many people fall in love with functional training. Our friendly and experienced coaches will guide you through every part of a complex movement and are able to provide alternatives for your individual skill sets. The BLN.Trial addresses all levels of fitness – no further skills are necessary. Everybody is welcome to join.

Max participants: 8


Our Functional Basics Programme will set you up for your training in our other classes. The movements we perform are unique and can often take some time and practice in the beginning to learn how to execute properly. You don’t need any special gear or clothing and you seriously don’t need to “get youself fit” before you start — that’s our job — just come prepared to sweat a little.

Max participants: 8

Power House

Our Power House is a class designed for all fitness and skill levels. We create a fun and friendly environment that will push you to be better than you were yesterday. Our signature strength workout will leave you feeling fitter, stronger and more athletic. In this class the whole body will be worked with a daily strength focus. The objective is to work on strength through compound and unilateral movements followed by metabolic conditioning (Metcon). This class will be a burner, boosting and improving metabolism, thus increasing weight loss and strength gain.

Max participants: 12

Sweat House

The foundations of Sweat House are centred around the

methodology of high intensity interval training, the worlds fastest growing fitness and cardio techniques. Our method is a fusion of the ski erg, rower, assault bike and running, followed by one functional movement. The functional movements will include the kettlebell, dumbbell, ploy box, and the medicine ball. The strength block of this class will be two movements paired together to increase the efficiency of the training session and create a better metabolic advantage. Each class will consist of 6 rounds. 1x endurance coupled with 2x functional strength movements. 

Max participants: 12

Oly House

Our Oly Club is focused on the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. The sport consists of two lifts: the snatch, and the clean and jerk. Weightlifting builds power, speed, balance, and coordination to your overall training, while increasing explosive strength and explosive output.  The Barbell Club program is designed to focus on the technique and mechanics of these lifts, while increasing overall strength over time to deliver results.  This speaks to any individual who wants to compete at the national level, the athlete who enjoys Weightlifting as a recreational sport, or the athlete who wants to hone in their lifting skills for faster and more efficient Athletic workouts.

Max participants: 12

Athletic Flow

Our signature mobility class is an active recovery session that is aimed to help relieve tightness and release connective tissue through a series of slow paced stretches and flows. You will be using props such as foam

rollers, and balls, to help release any tension within the muscle and joints. This class is designed to relieve muscle tension, pain, and prevent injury. You will flow through a series of active stretches and breath work that are all complementing your other classes.

Each class focuses on one main area of the body. You will leave feeling more mobile and relaxed.

Max participants: 12


The BLN.FunctionalTraining is a class designed to address the entire body in terms of strength, endurance, and mobility. A mixture of multidirectional movements improves your inter- and intramuscular coordination. The class will benefit your personal movement behavior and therefore support injury prevention in sports as well as everyday movements. Using mainly bodyweight exercises and smaller training devices the class is suitable for all fitness and skill levels.

Max participants: 12


At BLN.Athletics the daily workout is different every day of the week. Anyone, regardless of experience and level, can participate on the workout of the day.
The class always start with a general warm-up followed by a movement-relevant warm-up. After the warm-up the coach will take you through a technique or strength element, which purpose is to ensure all movements are performed correctly as well as facilitate overall strength or technique progression. The class is ultimately concluded with a workout, which varies a lot in terms of movements, intensity and time.

Max participants: 12


The class is for anyone, regardless of experience and level. The class always start with a general warm up. Afterwards the coach will challenge your endurance with a workout dominated by high intensity intervals using functional body weight movements.

Max participants: 16


This team workout is a fine and fun. Our athletes work through together as a team. The class always start with a general warm up followed by a challenging workout that covers a variety of different movements at different workloads and intensities using a wide range of training equipment. Barbell Experience is fundamental.

Max participants: 12

Yoga House

Body, mind and soul in harmony: Yoga harmonizes our body functions, leads us to more peace and serenity. Regular exercise activates our respiratory and digestive systems, regulates metabolism and hormones. Athletes benefit from these advantages in terms of their regeneration, flexibility and mental development. Namaste.

Max participants: 12

Personal Training

There is nothing more individual than working out guided by a personal trainer. Personal training is not just about giving you a training plan that is designed for your personal aspirations or goals. It is about doing the deep dive on your movement behaviors, nutritioning, injuries, muscularly disbalances, immobility, etc. To track your progression many measurements, tests and analysis will be part of the journey to make you a better yourself over time.

Max participants: 1


BLN.Athletics is an urban boutique fitness club at its finest. At our prime location in the heart of Berlin you will find a great variety of excellent and challenging workouts coached by the best instructors of their kind.

Working hours

Mo 12:30 – 1:30 PM; 4- 8 PM

Tu 5- 8 PM

We 7- 8 AM; 12:30 – 1:30 PM; 4- 8:15 PM

Th 5 – 8:15 PM

Fr 7- 8 AM; 12:30 – 1:30 PM; 4- 7 PM

Sa 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Su 11 AM – 1:30 PM

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